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What an honor to be endorsed by Mrs. Delores P. Simpson, long time school board member, first black school board chair, and recipient of the Pauli Murray Award.


Mrs. Simpson is one of an impressive group of school board leaders who set a high bar for serving students, teachers, and families at OCS.


I am proud to have endorsements from:


Mr. Keith Cook

Dr. Stephen Halkiotis 

Ms. Susan Halkiotis 

Mr. Tony McKnight

Ms. Anne Medenblik

Dr. Debbie Piscitelli

Mr. Matthew Roberts

Ms. Delores P. Simpson

And the following community members:

Chad Aheron and Vanessa Richmond

Suzette Andrews

Edward Bagwell

Terry and Christine Bazzarre

Diane Bidgood

Tony and Deb Blake

Jean Forrest Brooks

Aaron and Sarah Butner

Gayane and Rick Chambless

Katherine Wilkerson Cheek

Allison Nichols-Clapper and Hank Clapper

Cheryl Clark

Vaughn Compton

Keith Cook*

Jamie and Brian Crandell

Brian and Robin Crawford

Betsy and Bill Crittenden

Charlotte Crittenden

Hilary and Tim Crittenden

Polly Dornette and Bob Patrick

Jean Earnhardt

Jim  and Lois Ferson

Cindy and Boyd Franklin

Peter Franson

Alma Gaudette

Madonna (Donna) Gray

Kevin and Jaci Greenhill

Dr Stephen and Susan Halkiotis*

Betty Hamlin

Brenda McCall & Dick Harmsen

John and Pat Hartwell

Ed and Deborah Hauser

Mark and Kathy Hauser

Mikey Hauser

Rachel Phelps Hawkins

Melanie and Byron Henderson

Raul and Patti Herrera

Frank and Susan Hollowell

Dolly Hunter and Pete Dorrance

Peter Jocys

Mark and Brittany Johnson

Ben Lloyd

Marci Loiselle

Beth and Chris Lundberg

Edward & Lindsay Mann

Tammorah Mathis

Angenette McAdoo

Marie McAdoo

Callie and Bill McBroom

Jennie and Kevin McCray

Deryl and Mike McGuire

Sandy and Earl McKee

Tony McKnight*

Anne and Ted Medenblik*

Patrick and Robin Mulkey

Kathleen Murphy

Ashley Nazworth and Jason Shepherd

Susan and Ben Nichols

Jim and Jaime Parker

Dr. Debbie Piscitelli*

Carmine & Elizabeth Prioli

Danielle Price

Lou Richmond

Larry and Judy Roberts

Matthew and Patricia Roberts*

Paul and Graciela Rockwell

Karen Riley

Kim and Daniel Runkle

Bertha and Max Saunders

Karen and Paul Sexton

Delores Simpson*

Carnetta and George Swann

Kimya Swann

Gabriella Tal

April Thompson

Edmund Tiryakian

Earl and Leslie Tye

Susan Walser

Norma and Dick White

Brock and Wendy Wilkerson


And many more...


* =  Former Orange County School Board Member

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